About Me

My journey began. June 6th 2014.  This company was everything and more than my sponsor had promised. She relentless pursued me for 6 weeks to give Younique a "try".    The revolutionary products, the sisterhood, the ground floor opportunity. If nothing else, I can possibly make a few extra dollars a month to help out? 


I started really researching network marketing. My mindset began to change. WHY would I want to work my whole life to build someone elses empire? Why not create my own?  Did I really want to revamp my photography business and trade my time for dollars? Why not trade my & everyone I shared the opportunity with efforts for dollars? To have the future I dreamed about, I would have to create it myself.  I wanted freedom. Time & Financial freedom!  We have residual bills, why not have residual income?


In 7 months I reached the very top of the company, Black Status. Absolutely mind blowing! Did I mention I did this 100% on social media? I shared the opportunity with 119 people and now have a team of over 18,000 amazing, beautiful women who are passionate about changing their future too! In 3 years I was able to go up on the Wall of Influence. Very few people so far have achieved this!


To me, Freedom comes in the form of time. I spend my days how I see fit, not how corporate America does.  I get limitless time with my family without the dark cloud of finances looming over. Finally, we have enough extra at the end of the month to save for retirement, take the vacation we only ever dreamed of in the past, fix a broken down car on the spot should we need to.  Money is no longer a restraint, but an empowerment.  I have been beyond blessed in every aspect of this business and work with thousands of women every day who can say the same.


I have developed training pages for my team. Should this be something you are interested in, you will never be alone & without support. We have an army of intelligent women waiting to welcome & cheer you on every step of your journey!  Maybe you just need some extra spending money? Dance lessons for the kiddos? Or maybe you want to radically change your life.  Both solutions are right here.


You see, Younique is 6 years old. We have only scratched the surface of whats to come. Continiously launching in new markets, inventing products that we literally cant keep off backorder.  We are officially the fastest growing direct sales company in world history....yes...WORLD HISTORY!  So.. come be part of history and let me show you how to turn a hobby in to a full time mind blowing career!